We Will Make You More Sales and Money Using Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing is not about getting the most social likes, followers and traffic to your website… It’s about spending your marketing and advertising budget in the most profitable and efficient way possible to acquire and retain more customers and make more money.

Let us help you:

✓ Get, keep and grow more customers.

✓ Increase your brand awareness and loyalty.

✓ Reach more ready to buy customers.

✓ Reduce cost of acquisition and grow your profits.



Every single day with poor traffic and conversion is essentially wasted money. Let’s put the money you’re currently throwing away into your pocket. We will drive you more customers to your business and make you more money.

What does this mean to you?

Hiring us means we will increase your brand awareness amongst your target customer audience and drive you conversion at the lowest cost possible. You will actually spend less and make more returns

Let's do the traffic maths, so you understand better: reducing your cost to $0.01 means you get 1000 clicks to your website or offer for just $10 as compared to an higher cost per click of $0.05 or more. With $0.05 you will only get 200 clicks to your website.

Let's do the conversion maths, so you understand even better: imagine we have optimized your advert for 1000 clicks to your website or offer for just $10 and we then optimise your conversion rate to 27.1% that means 271 sales enquires/leads/customers as compared to a low conversion rate of 5% that will give you only 50 sales enquires/leads/customers.

The same traffic level but the conversion rate determines how much money you can make vice versa.

Also, if you have an high conversion rate and your advertising clicks to your website is low then you will make little to no money and it is even worse if you have low conversion rate and low advertising click to your website then you will make entirely no money - That's why most business loss a lot of money and waste a lot time on their digital marketing and advertising campaign.

Your digital marketing and advertising campaign success depends on driving the most clicks to your website at the lowest cost possible and increasing your website conversion to convert more of your website visitors to sales enquires or leads or customers.

You really need an agency that can reduce your cost of advertising by targeting your right customer audience at the lowest cost possible and an agency that can convert the highest advertising traffic into sales enquires or leads or paying customers.

We are the agency that has the ability to drive you the most advertising traffic at the lowest cost and convert the most of your traffic to sales enquires or leads.

All we care about is how much revenue and profit we can drive to your business – this is what we measure our performance with.

We are 100% Transparency – You Always Have Access to Your Account to Track Conversion, Ads Performance and Advertising Budget.


These companies and more in over 5 countries trust us...

Digital Marketing and Advertising is not easy. We make it easy by doing it for you. We figure if we deliver on your marketing ROI target, everything else will take care of itself. We work with small, medium and large companies globally.
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We work with clients in any country

Increasing quality traffic and conversions sets you on a path for dominating your market. Once you increase revenue per visitor, customer acquisition costs get lower, you will actually enjoy your profit. (Hope your competition won’t be too angry)
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    From the start of our digital marketing campaign they never ceased to surprise us with their abilities to drive us customers. They know their business and they get it right; they are extremely talented - we are privileged to have them on our team.
    Cynthia, Director
    weshopforyouinlondon.com, Kenya

We Are The Easiest and Most Effective Way to Advertise and Profit on

  • Digital Marketing in Nigeria
  • Digital Marketing in Nigeria
  • Digital Marketing in Nigeria
  • Digital Marketing in Nigeria
  • Digital Marketing in Nigeria
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We are the agency that have the ability to show your ads to your exact ready to buy customers.We create anywhere from 1-100 advert for your business and show your advert to people who say they need or want your product or service and anyone looking for your product or service online (we are able to do almost any specific targeting). We monitor and optimize your advert 24/7 to ensure you spend less and drive more sales while increasing your awareness.


It may seem like we are magicians as you see more and more customers coming to you, but we are quite transparent when it comes to our advertising and optimization methods. With our experience in at least 5 countries, we have created a result driven digital marketing and advertising campaign service that consistently drives traffic to your site, converts site visitors to sales leads or customers and retains more customers as well as drives referrals.

  • Step 1Strategy

    Tell us about your business and we will perform competition and customer research then based on our finding we will develop a strategy that will drive you more customers. Simply put, we determine the who, what, when and where that will bring the most business to your doorstep for the best possible price.
  • Step 2Create

    We will then execute the strategy by building a high converting landing page and create 1 to 100 ads for you! Not only do we create the ideal ads, but we arm you with all the tools needed to turn a visitor into a sale.
  • Step 3Target

    Your ads are delivered to people who say they need or want your product or service on social media and anyone looking for your product or service on Google Search Engine and Google Content Websites. We will identify your ideal audience and help you acquire new customers.
  • Step 4Conversion and Optimize

    We analyze data 24/7 and adjust your advertising campaign accordingly to drive only interested people to your highly converting landing page at the lowest cost and get them to convert to customers and sales leads.
  • Step 5Nurturing

    We will nurture the sales leads and customers with high converting sales letter through our email nurturing system to drive new, returning and referral customers.
  • Step 6The Results

    You get quality and qualified sales enquires and customers at the lowest acquisition cost. Make more money for your business

You get more customers

We implement 100s of A/B split testing, targeting and optimization techniques that improve your conversions and delivers more new customers to you! Be seen by customers at the very moment that they need your service or product.


Reach your customers at the right time

We advertise your business on every device that your customers are using – desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile. That way, when they’re searching, browsing or buying, you’re right there. We help you reach relevant and ready to buy customers on relevant websites across the web on any device. We use a range of options that allow us to target by website type, audience type or remarketing, when and where it matters.


What is your biggest marketing challenge and desire?

Getting more customers, growing your revenue and profit.

Finding and retaining high-quality customers and increasing revenue and profit is always at the forefront of any business strategy, and with the customer acquisition channels constantly changing, it can be difficult to know what to do and when.

The good news about digital marketing and advertising: You can get basically as much traffic, social media likes and followers as you want depending on your budget.

The bad news: You can go broke quick especially if the traffic, social media likes and followers are not converting into paying customers.

How do we know? Because 76.9% of our clients come to us after wasting a lot of money and time on driving traffic, social media likes and followers that do not convert to money.

However, this explains why 97.8% of our clients renew their contracts with us because we are able to drive them quality traffic and convert that traffic to paying customers.

We drive them profitable and measurable results. We have full-time experts whose only job is to get the most quality traffic and conversion for you at the least cost.

We help you get the highest number of customers to ensure you profit and make more money online.

We use over 100 A/B split testing and targeted digital advertising techniques to send the exact ready to buy customers to your high converting landing page.

Over 50 A/B split testing landing page conversion optimization techniques to get your advertising traffic to convert to sales leads and paying customers.

We analyze your advertising and landing page conversion data 24/7 to ensure that you are spending the lowest to acquire the most qualified leads and our results are affecting the metric that matters most: your sales.

It does not stop there - we then nurture the leads or customers through our email nurturing system to drive new, returning and referral customers.


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Be warned... Getting an expert team of 5 dedicated professionals with local and international experience to drive online sales success for you doesn’t come cheap.

Starting at ₦1,000,000 ($2500) for our management fee plus advertising costs, it’s a serious investment (that provides serious results). Thankfully though, no matter how many extra hours we work on your results, you won’t pay any more.


In short, yes. But you need to be able to afford it AND be ready to handle the sales activity that comes your way.

Ecommerce websites need to handle a big increase in orders.

Lead-gen websites need to be able to process a huge number of new leads. And what if you have an existing marketing team? That’s cool too, it just means you can work more on your business sales and brand strategy and leave the ‘heavy lifting’ to us.


We’re serious about that. Some companies won’t blink at the cost but if they’re not 100% committed to growing and growing fast, then we’re simply not interested in working with them.

We’re a very passionate, supercharged team of online marketing professionals so we only choose to work with companies that are ‘going somewhere’ too.

We can’t offer a premium service like this to a lot of companies, so we only accept one more clients this month. That’s it.